8/11/2016 Rethinking Orientalism: Edward Said and Graham Huggan

For the first meeting of the Postcolonial and World Literatures and Cultures Reading Group, we are going to explore one of the foundational texts of postcolonial theory: Edward Said’s 1978 Orientalism. We will read the introduction of this key text alongside the chapter ‘(Not) Reading Orientalism’ by Graham Huggan, from his 2008 book Interdisciplinary Measures.

We hope that this pairing will provide an opportunity for those new to postcolonial studies to engage with a seminal text, whilst offering those familar with Said a chance to revisit his foundational work and consider it in the light of the contemporary moment. Huggan’s chapter takes a wide-ranging look at the state of the discipline and some of the key challenges to Said’s work. We will circulate PDFs in advance of the session.

Primary reading: Edward Said, ‘Introduction’ in Orientalism (1978); Graham Huggan, ‘(Not) Reading Orientalism in Interdisciplinary Measures (2008).

Secondary reading: Edward Said, ‘The Scope of Orientalism’ in Orientalism (1978).

8 November at 17:00–18:30

Leeds Humanities Research Institute, 29-31 Clarendon Pl, Leeds


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